A retailer card is a card that can be activated by a distributor &/or by an agent. The loading in the card can only be done by the distributor for all agents and by finance team for all direct agents.

A social platform indeed plays the most important role in today’s marketing strategies for promoting a product or service. It has also endorsed opinions about products, which are shared on social media platforms; help spread viral conversations about brands online.

Spicemoney is on a Mission Mode of providing 1 Lac jobs to the un-served & under-served society in India, across the hinterland and also to urban Rural. The deprived lot is not in small number and sum total of theirs is 800 Million+ across various 6 Lac plus villages & even in cities. Spice has even created a massive Cloud infrastructure on cutting edge technologies which Powers all such 100,000 CSP points, run by VLE with product and services, relevant to them, manage the training, standardize the offerings, in the language people are comfortable with and help sort out with issues, they face in their business transactions.

Well, while Spice continues to learn, innovate and customize products, Spice is also connected to more than 40,000 people on Social Media and has more than 3lakh views on YouTube Videos. This is where Spice updates you about their incredible offers and news so you are in sync with all that is going on. Some rules to make sure everyone has the best experience while they’re enjoying our social media channels:

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