Spice Money

Spice Money, a business unit of Spice Digital, uses unrivalled technology to enable next door kirana store to function as a 'MINI BANK' Branch. We are one of India’s largest tech-enabled Hyper Local Payments Network offering various services like Cash Deposit, Cash Withdrawal, Balance Inquiry, Bill Payments, Aadhaar Enabled Services, Air Time Recharge, POS Services, Railway Ticketing Services etc. through our authorized agents.

Our endeavour is to bridge the gap between the served and the un-served, providing banking services to customers at their doorstep. We are a one-stop solution for providing seamless financial services.

Our Focus is primarily on Financial Inclusion – with our Deep presence in “Bharat” with nearly 85% of the 70,000 Customer Service Points in semi-urban and rural India.

Spice Money


Spice Money
OBJECTIVEThis policy defines standard procedure & guidelines regarding expiry and forfeiture of outstanding balances in PPIs that have outlived their validity
VALIDITYBoth Reloadable & Non- Reloadable PPIs shall have a minimum validity of one year from the date of following:
1. Date of issuance
2. Last upload or reload
3. Last utilization of PPI
Whichever is later
SUSPENSIONSUSPENSION Before completion of validity of the PPI, following process shall be followed
for suspension/expiry:
1. Notice* for suspension** prior to 45 days in advance
2. Notice* for suspension** prior to 30 days in advance
3. Notice* for suspension** one day prior to suspension
*User will be notified either through SMS or Email or phone call or a combination of 2 or 3 of these methods
**Suspension will mean that PPI will not be allowed to do any further Transactions
Post completion of validity, PPI will be suspended/Expired.
FORFEITURE & REACTIVATIONCompany’s CEO & CFO shall approve forfeiture of PPI amount as per RBI guidelines.
Upon approval, outstanding balances in all such PPIs shall be forfeited.
Expired wallet reactivation will not be allowed.
REFUND CLAIMPPI holder can approach Spice for refund of outstanding balance amount, at any time after the expiry date of PPI. PPI holder can claim refund y writing a email on customercare@spicemoney.com
Company Finance team after due diligence will process such request’s and transfer balance outstanding of wallet in bank account of the PPI holder.
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